the Great Fucking Advice Tool

The Great Fucking Advice Tool

Create your own "great fucking *whatever* advice" site! It's easy!

Give advice, build your brand & create buzz

Get inspired and inspire others!

The Great Fucking Advice Tool is a free tool to help you easily create your own "Great Fucking *whatever* Advice" site in seconds.

Create! Share! Inspire!

Check out some featured advice sites built with the Great Fucking Advice Tool:

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Engaging and responsive

With the Great Fucking Advice Tool your Great Fucking Content will look fucking fantastic on every fucking device.

The GFATool is fully responsive, which means it looks fucking great no matter what device you're using! Computers? Tablets? Mobile devices? We've optimized it for everything to give your visitors a Great Fucking Experience!

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the Great Fucking Advice Tool creates beautifull responsice advice pages

One click social sharing

Your visitors can share your Great Fucking Advice to facebook and twitter with just one fucking click.

The "click to share" and "click to tweet" buttons send your Great Fucking Advice to Facebook or Twitter with a link back to your Great Fucking Site and the rest of your Great Fucking Content.

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one click social share with GFA Sites


Increased engagegement with fun with gamification elements.

On mobile devices, visitors can use our Great Fucking Swipe function to indicate if they like a piece of advice or not.

More fun and more interaction means people spend more time on your Great Fucking Site.

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Gamification elements built in

Interaction counter

The swipe / click counter gives the feeling of accomplishment

Like advice

By clicking / tapping on , visitors can like your advice.

Own compilation

Loved advices are saved as personal compilations and can be shared.